Founded in Bendigo by Anthony Jenkin, Outlier stems from a desire to shift the way we view housing in Australia. Instead of thinking about your house as a commodity for resale, we want you to see it as your home — a place that provides for you and your loved ones, now and well into the future.

Why Outlier? We are pushing for more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes. We believe in passive house principles, and we want to see regulations change to allow for better, more sustainable and long lasting homes. On this journey, we found ourselves to be the outlier in the industry a lot of times.  And we are happy to be that outlier. 


At the heart of our practice is a focus on longevity, energy efficiency, and good health. We believe that passive house design is the future of energy efficient Australian home building.

Through our work, we aim to elevate the standards of residential and commercial construction in Australia by crafting wonderful buildings that people can thrive in, long-term and across generations.

We’re always thrilled to collaborate with like-minded people who share our enthusiasm for truly liveable homes. We tailor every project to suit the unique needs of the client and the particular requirements of the site, and we’re there from beginning to end to make sure we deliver the best possible outcomes for the people we design for.