Why we collaborate with builders on our house designs

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Budget, Designs

For every new project we work on, we engage one of our trusted building professionals as consultants from the start. This not only helps us adapt our designs to the natural site conditions, but also ensures our clients are staying on budget with their new home throughout the entire construction process.


There are many different parties involved in building a house. From designers, to council officials, plumbers, sparkies, and builders, there are many loose ends that need connecting. Otherwise, you might encounter misunderstandings that can easily cost you a lot of money later on. All it takes is for a builder to not read the designer’s plans precisely enough and you might end up with either a less efficient home, or even have to pay for future improvements.

Or the designer is creating a beautiful home without thinking about the potential added costs of a certain design feature. Yet, if a builder is involved in the design process early on, they can identify these details and ensure that the project is not going to cost additional money later on.


The industry standard process sees clients receiving a design for a new home from their chosen architect or building designer and then engage a construction company only after they have their final house design. This may lead to increased costs, as the design might actually exceed the client’s budget, and therefore will never see the light of day.

This is the worst possible outcome for both the clients as well as the designer and the builder. To avoid this, we work with a handful of trusted building professionals and have them onboard of new projects as consultants early on.


Staying on budget is critical for every new home owner. And while you do want a beautiful house to live in, the largest floorplan or the edgiest design details are not always the most affordable option. Having a builder consult on the initial design of your new home therefore helps you to get the best of both worlds: You get a beautiful home design and you can rest assured that you are staying on budget.

This process allows you to:

  • optimise your investment
  • streamline the building process
  • get the most for your money


Builders spend a lot of time on quotes and drafting pricing proposals for potential new clients – with many of these quotes never actually turning into paid projects. This can quickly become both exhausting as well as uneconomical for building professionals.

However, if you work as a consultant from the early stages of a building project on, you:

  • get paid for your work
  • help clients stay on budget
  • create valuable leads for future business
  • build relationships with other building professionals


We collaborate with builders as a consultant from the early stages of the design development on to ensure our clients are getting excatly what they want – and don’t have to pay extra down the road. If you are a licensed builder with a focus on passive house design, shoot us a message!

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