Drechsler Road In Sedgwick

This beautiful property just outside Sedgwick is the perfect site for the owner’s new forever home. The minimalistic design is a modern ode to a rural shed, including rustic materials such as concrete and corrugated iron. This aesthetic is further underlined by the accompanying landscape design, including corrugated iron raised garden beds and a chicken shed.

This project is a perfect example of the benefits of working with a builder as a consultant early on. In coming to a joined decision for the building site, we were able to identify potential roadblocks early on: The large property holds an abundance of spots with beautiful valley views, but access to roads is scarce and a building site further into the centre of the land would require a large investment for CFA safe roads.

We also investigated the highest point of the property, but exposed rock outcrops would require excavation, therefore cutting a hole not only into the ground, but also our client’s budget.

In working with our experienced building professional, we could finally identify the best building site to utilise both the immense benefit of North exposure, as well as easy road access, a flat building surface, and wonderful views.

Sedgwick, Victoria
7.5 stars
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