Castlemaine Hybrid Home wins at the 2023 Building Design Awards

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Designs, Projects

IMG E5412Outlier Studio proudly announces the latest addition to our design portfolio – the Castlemaine Hybrid Home. This breathtaking build won the New House $500,001 – $750K award at the Design Matters National 2023 Building Design Awards in November. Completed in May 2023, this 204 sqm home was constructed to meet the client’s requirements of an open floor plan, high energy efficiency standards, and environmentally friendly materials with aging-in-place features.

The Castlemaine Hybrid Home is a marvel of sustainable architecture, offering a minimalistic design that combines natural materials with modern building techniques. The home incorporates natural light and ventilation, passive solar energy techniques, solar panels, and energy-efficient appliances.

The orientation of the home was designed to take advantage of sunlight and natural ventilation, with strategically placed windows and openings that capture breeze and airflow.  Sustainable elements of the home include energy-efficient LED lighting, carefully considered landscaping using native plant species that are drought tolerant, a 10,000L rainwater tank and a water-efficient plumbing system. 

Built by EcoWise Homes, this project was constructed utilising a combination of recycled and recyclable materials, including brick. The home features a continuous mechanical heat recovery ventilation system, low VOC paints and materials, and a hot water heat pump system.

The homeowners will experience a comfortable and healthy indoor living environment with future lift provision and automation for energy efficiency. The HRV system and continuous mechanical heat recovery ventilation system also offer all year round comfort. The project achieved a Nathers Assessment Rating of 9.1 stars, with a non-regulatory mode resulting in a rating of 9.9 stars. McClure Civil Management provided structural engineering, and Detail Green was the Passive House consultant. 

Overall, the Castlemaine Hybrid Home combines sustainability with style and functionality, making it a well-deserved winner of the New House $500,001 – $750K award.

Photography by Marnie Hawson


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