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Discover a world of knowledge and inspiration with our online courses and podcast on energy-efficient home design. Whether you’re a prospective homeowner, student, or industry professional, our courses provide insights into improved housing standards in Australia, empowering you with construction details and budget-friendly strategies for a better outcome in your build.

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Outlier Online Courses

Whether you are a prospective homeowner looking for advice for your new home, a student wanting to explore the field of energy efficient home design, or an industry professional wanting to expand your skills, our courses will help you understand the need for improved housing standards in Australia, and share construction details that will help you achieve a better outcome in your build, being mindful of your budget.


Desigining & Building Better Homes

About The Pod

The OUTLIER podcast is for everyone who is interested in building better homes. Hosts Sandra and Anthony discuss the hottest topics in the building industry and talk with professionals to explain the different aspects of building a high performing home. Whether you are looking to build your own forever home, renovate your existing house, or are simply eager to learn more about building energy efficient and healthy homes, tune in every month wherever you get your podcasts.

Build Series Videos

Enhance your living experience with our educational videos. Immerse yourself in insightful build series, explore in-depth project overviews, and stay ahead with groundbreaking building research. Our curated videos offer a unique glimpse into the innovative techniques shaping the homes of tomorrow


Stay at the forefront of home innovation by exploring our latest Outlier articles. Uncover insights into energy-efficient home design across key categories—Design, Budget, and Performance. Our articles address pressing questions, providing valuable knowledge to guide your journey towards a smarter, more sustainable home.


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