Extend your home with a second dwelling!

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Designs, Industry news

Did you catch the news? As of December 2023, second dwellings (or granny flats) in Victoria no longer require a planning permit, this is certainly a game-changer! Imagine the untapped potential for your property. Are you considering bringing the family together with multigenerational living or giving the teenagers a stylish backyard retreat? How about a new work from home office space or studio? The possibilities are endless!

About the second dwelling reform

Second dwellings will skip the planning permit hassle, but they’ll still need a building permit in addition to following the residential design code, setbacks, and positioning. Don’t worry if the lingo sounds like a foreign language, we’re here to guide you through everything.

Here’s an overview of the Victorian reform and requirements:

  • A property size of 300 square meters or more
  • No flood overlay
  • No Environment overlays

Are you curious if your property fits the bill? Contact us for a free assessment of your eligibility and to learn more about this new second dwelling reform.

Design and build

It’s an exciting time in architectural design for this dwelling type. Here at Outlier, we have been busy working on something unique for this space that will tick all the boxes of passive house design, including:

  • High-performance and long-lasting quality
  • Occupant comfort and temperature all year round
  • Superior indoor air quality
  • A perfectly sized footprint for your needs
  • Energy-efficient design features
  • Sustainability first approach

There are countless design possibilities for dwellings measuring under 60 square meters! Stay tuned for exciting updates on our socials and be the first to discover the designs by signing up for our newsletter.

Your dream second dwelling awaits!

Read more about the Victorian Second Small Homes reform here.

What would you use a second dwelling for?

We want to hear your feedback on this new Victorian reform. Would you take advantage of this new opportunity? Would you use it as another living space or create a work from home studio? Contact us to let us know how you would take advantage of this new reform.


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