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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This consultation is open to students enrolled in the Hybrid Home Course, seeking professional guidance and assistance. I’ve worked with students hoping to improve the energy efficiency of their home design, design and construction professionals wanting to upskill.

I have special experience with Passive Solar & Passiv Haus Design and the construction practises on how to achieve a high performing Hybrid Home.

What will we discuss?

The focus of the consult is completely up to you: home design review, construction details, a mix; I’m here to help. If you let me know beforehand, I can prepare so it’s most useful to you.

Is this a design consultation?

No, this is reserved for the review of existing designs, design & construction professional seeking guidance. If you’d like to work with OUTLIER. to design your project, please check the contact page to join the waitlist for new projects.

How soon can we meet? How about today?

If you’re in a rush, this probably isn’t your best option! I reserve Fridays (9am – 4pm) for private consultations and the sessions are typically booked out 2-3 weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing the consult, you’ll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment from me.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my consult?

There are no refunds on consulting services already provided.

I do my best to make sure your session is value-packed and full of actionable advice and I invest a lot of energy, time, and thought into preparing for and being present on our consulting call. You will naturally want to capitalize on all the time allotted. So please be on time, as I schedule back-to-back consulting calls on the day of your appointment. If you arrive late to your appointment, you’ll lose that time. Equally, if you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, I promise to honour my appointments, and be on time as well.

Can I purchase a private consulting session more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of consultation more than once, simply purchase the consultation again.