At Outlier Research we offer comprehensive energy research solutions for new and existing homes. Our As-Built Energy Rating Verification ensures construction adherence to official energy star ratings. Through our Thermal Performance Check, we identify air leaks and insulation issues in existing homes, enabling you to create an energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.

As Built Energy Rating Verification

As Built Energy Rating Verifications by Outlier Research ensures energy efficiency compliance for new homes. We bridge the gap between theoretical evaluations and minimum energy rating requirements by inspecting new homes and ensuring homes are built in accordance to their energy ratings. Homeowners receive assurance that their homes will perform as promised and deliver value for their investment. Trust us to turn theory into reality.

Thermal Performance Check

With a Thermal Performance Check from Outlier Research, home owners can enhance energy efficiency and comfort. Discover and address air leaks, thermal bridging, and insulation gaps with our advanced thermal performance checks. Our comprehensive reports empower you to seal gaps and optimise insulation, resulting in a more comfortable, healthier home while reducing heating and cooling costs. Save money and live better.