Thermal Performance Check

We identify air leaks in your home to help you create a more energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy home. Book your thermal performance check now using our calendar and we will be in touch after to discuss the next steps.


We offer thermal performance checks to identify any air leaks and thermal bridging in your home. We use a blower door system to depressurize your home and locate all the gaps and holes in the floor, walls, and ceiling of your home. We then inspect the home using our thermal camera to identify thermal bridging issues and see where insulation might be missing.

Our thorough reports on your home’s air infiltration including gaps, holes, and missing insulation, enables you to then go ahead and seal the gaps as well as refit or install insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your house. This leads to an overall more comfortable and healthy home, while reducing the operational cost of heating and cooling – and saving you a lot of money in the long run.


Our service provides assurances to the homeowners that their home will perform as intended in the energy rating report – and they are getting what they paid for.  

Comfortable indoor temperatures all year round

Create a healthy living environment for your family

Permanently reduce your heating and cooling cost

Increase your home’s energy efficiency and sustainability


After you get in touch with us and provide the relevant information, we review the plans of the home, determine the building area m², building volume m³, and the building envelope. This data is then fed into the software of our blower door system, before we head over to your house to perform the actual blower door and thermal inspection.

Outlier Blower Door Test Infographic


An initial inspection is carried out onsight to ensure everything is safe to operate the blower door. 

We then install our Retrotec 5100 Blower Door System in an external door and depressurise your home to a pressure difference of 50 pascals. The blower door system will then tell us what the air changes per hour are and allow us to quickly identify the spots in your home that cause the biggest air leaks. 

Outlier Thermal Imaging


In addition to the blower door test, we also inspect the entire home internally using our Flir E8 Infrared camera to document air leakage, insulation, and thermal bridging defects.

The thermal imaging allows us to see where thermal bridging is occurring, and identify missing insulation in the walls, floors, and ceiling.


What is included in your service?

Our service includes the evaluation of your existing home as well as home plans, the performance of an on-site blower door test, as well as a thermal camera inspection to identify insulation defects and thermal bridging issues. You will then receive an energy leakage report with the blower door test results and thermal camera imagery of insulation and thermal bridging defects, as well as commentary on rectification works.

Where do you offer your service?

We offer our services within a 300km radius of Bendigo, VIC, with an hourly rate of $135 +GST for travel over 1 hour from Bendigo.

What is the time frame from start to finish?

The onsite testing takes approx. 1-2 hours depending on the specific site. We aim to issue our final report within  2-5 business days of the on-site testing.

Do I have to leave the house during the testing?

You do not have to leave the house – we have even tested existing homes while the owners are at home working on the computer – and it hasn’t been a problem with loose items such as paper. However, we ask that all external doors and windows remain closed and all internal doors remain open whilst we are depressurising the home with the blower door system. For this to be achieved, it is best if we can prevent people from entering and exiting the home while we are testing. 

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With more than 15 years of experience in the construction and building design industry, as well as operational training with Retrotec and Flir, two leading companies in their respective market niche, we use our personal knowledge and technical equipment to educate you on your home’s energy performance.

Our service includes:

  • Evaluation of existing home and plans
  • Blower door test to identify your home’s airtightness
  • Thermal camera inspection to identify insulation defects and thermal bridging issues
  • Energy leakage report with data, imagery, and commentary on rectification works

$660 + GST

additional time and travel will incur an hourly rate charge of $165 + GST