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We design beautiful and energy efficient homes with proven performance. We want to shift the way we view housing in Australia. Instead of thinking about your house as a commodity for resale, we want you to see it as your home — a place that provides for you and your loved ones, now and well into the future.


We combine beautiful design with proven performance by conducting several tests during the construction of your home. This includes a blower door test to see if there are any major air leaks in the building envelope, as well as a thermal camera inspection to identify thermal bridging and missing insulation. This approach to building design is unique in the industry, as we not only focus on designing a beautiful home on the outside, but we also make sure that the inside performance is exactly how you want it to be.

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At the heart of our practice is a focus on longevity, energy efficiency, and good health. We believe that passive house design is the future of energy efficient Australian home building and we aim to elevate the standards of residential and commercial construction in Australia.

But change takes time. That’s why we offer two different approaches to home design that are both fully focused on achieving the maximum performance and sustainability of a house.


Passive house design is a unique approach to house building that vastly improves a home’s functionality and energy efficiency—sometimes by as much as 90%! Following a detailed and thorough certification process, the result is a more comfortable, healthy and liveable home.


For those who want a high performing home, but don’t want to go for a full passive house certification, we have developed our hybrid home method. This home design sits just below certified passive homes in terms of performance, but is more affordable to a broader range of people.

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